Dynamic Panels Set for 2024 ATC Tech Summit
Cincinnati's Own Chris Nyhuis, Vigilant CEO, to Deliver Cyber-AI Keynote at ATC Tech Summit
Global Head of Customer Experience for Zoom, Brandon Knight, to Keynote ATC’s Tech Summit
Cincinnati Business Courier Joins ATC Tech Summit as Media Sponsor
Unveiling the Future: ATC’s 2024 Tech Summit Powered by Zoom
ATC to Host 3rd Annual Tech Summit on Leap Day


Welcome and Introductory Comments: Louie Hollmeyer (ATC)
12:00 - 12:10

Opening Keynote - "Revolutionizing CX with AI: Riding the Next Wave of Innovation"
12:10 p.m. - 12:55 p.m. - Brandon Knight - Global Head ZCX Channel & Ecosystem - Zoom
AI has emerged as a next-level technology revolutionizing how businesses interact and engage with customers. Keynote speaker, Brandon Knight, passionately covers the profound impact of AI on Customer Experience (CX), demonstrating how organizations can harness its potential to craft personalized, immersive, and superior customer experiences. This breakthrough keynote will redefine—and inspire you to reimagine—your understanding of CX and its future.

Panel I - "Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Shaping the Future of Business"
12:55 - 1:35 p.m.
Moderator: Nick Enger - ATC
Michael Hennigan - Zoom,  Chad Timms - Fortified Data, Jeff DeVerter RackSpace, Anthony Scribner - Ntirety
In an age where data is heralded as the new oil, businesses stand at a crossroads where leveraging analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer optional, but imperative for competitive advantage. This panel discussion, woven through the lens of five industry experts, aims to demystify AI and its capabilities, exploring the potent intersection of data analytics and AI in contemporary business. Neither end of the spectrum—Inertia vs. “Drive by AI” —will work, so how do we walk that fine line, and what are the tripwires? Don’t miss this dynamic panel discussion!

Break & Networking

1:35 - 1:50 p.m.

Breakout I

1:50 - 2:35 p.m.

Mt. Adams: "Top Data & AI Trends" - Nandagopal Jayaram - CoStrategix
Framed for a CIO and CDO point of view, Nandagopal Jayaram will dive into key trends and innovations that are reshaping technology and business in the age of the Data & AI revolution. From crafting a vision around Data & AI through practical execution, he will cover what it takes to build a robust data foundation for your organization's success in the digital era. Using real-world examples, you will learn about the integration of advanced data management practices and AI applications that are shaping the future of our data-driven world.
Mt. Auburn: "What's New in Customer CX & Demystifying AI" - Mike Berlin & Kyle Neff - Five9
Learn what new and emerging solutions are benefiting your customer & employee CX journeys. What is the reality of AI, how it works, how to use it, and what happens when you deploy it.

Mt. Lookout: "Why Visibility Must Evolve to Awareness in Cybersecurity" - Jon Halar - Arctic Wolf 
Shifting from keeping an eye on things to really knowing what’s happening in cybersecurity is crucial. It's not enough to just spot potential issues; we need to be aware of the whole digital scene, how users are behaving, and where our weak spots might be. In today's web of connections, merely spotting threats isn't cutting it anymore. We need to be in the loop, fully understanding our digital world. Having this kind of awareness lets us get ahead of the game, dealing with problems before they blow up. By getting ahead about what's happening, organizations can go beyond reacting to issues and start playing offense in the ever-changing world of cyber threats.
Mt. Washington: "Why SASE Why NOW?" - Pascal Keller & Michael Meltz - Open Systems
Take a journey with Open Systems and discover why now is a great time to move to a Managed SASE solution. Discovery how your organization can save time and money and learn about some of the new technologies, including, how AI used with a Managed Service changes the game.

Break & Networking
2:35 - 2:50 p.m. 

Breakout II
2:50 - 3:35 p.m.

Mt. Adams "Protecting Your Digital Fortress – Review of the Threat Landscape" - Ryan Westman - eSentire
In this session, we will discuss how the threat landscape evolved in 2023; specifically with regard to initial access trends, trends in ransomware, and some assessments on how the 2024 threat landscape could evolve. Finally, Ryan will leave you with some recommendations to ensure your organization continues to be resilient in 2024, and ensures you are able to continue to protect your Digital Fortress.
Mt. Auburn:  "The Power of AI in UCaaS"Michael Landry - RingCentral
In this session, RingCentral will explore the impact of AI on various roles in the business communication landscape. Strategies will also be showcased that companies can implement to meet the changing needs of their customers and future-proof their business.
Mt. Lookout: "Tales from the Cloud: Observations & Real-World Stories to Avoid Pitfalls" - Steven Searles - Zimcom
Everyone’s cloud journey is a little bit different and unique, but there are some common truths when it comes to an organization’s ability to leverage cloud technology.  Join us as we discuss some of the misconceptions and pitfalls to avoid to help ensure your cloud strategy is a success.
Mt. Washington: "Threat Intelligence and Lockbit" - Bill Carter - CATO Networks
Join Bill Carter, Field CTO of Cato Networks, as he discusses the latest insights into the current threat landscape. Bill will then take you on a journey into Lockbit, the most pervasive and powerful Ransomware-as-a-Service used by today’s threat actors. Learn Lockbit’s techniques for infiltration, encryption, and extraction by examining the MITRE ATT&CK flow of this multi-million dollar threat, and find a path to disrupt and defeat it.

(10-minute transition)
Afternoon Keynote - "Decoding the Threat: Strategic Use of AI in Your Security Program"
3:45 - 4:15 p.m.  - Chris Nyhuis - CEO & President - Vigilant
Prepare to be propelled into the future of cybersecurity, where AI not only enhances our capabilities but also challenges us to think differently. This keynote is your map to an uncharted digital world, brimming with potential and ripe for discovery. Join us to transform knowledge into power and how AI can be a strategic ally in the digital age. This talk is tailored for cybersecurity professionals and tech executives eager to harness AI's potential responsibly and effectively. Discover how AI transforms cybersecurity strategies, from sophisticated offensive tactics to robust defensive measures, and learn to navigate its complexities with precision.

Panel II - Cyber Showdown - "Staying Ahead: Steering Through the Evolving Cyber Landscape"
4:15 - 4:55 p.m. 
Moderator: Alex Cooley - ATC
Panelists: Dan BeavinVigilant, Chris Rothe - Red Canary,  Bill Carter - CATO Networks, Dmitriy Sandler - Artic Wolf
Gain essential knowledge as our expert panel delves into current trends that are influencing cyber defense strategies. Equip your organization with confident, data-driven perspectives to counteract emerging threats and fortify your digital frontiers. This discussion will focus on the most recent trends and effective cybersecurity methods, aiming to provide tech leaders with the insights needed to remain proactive in safeguarding their organizations.

Closing Comments - Louie Hollmeyer (ATC)

Reception, Hors d'oeuvres & Raffle - 4th Floor Market - DJ Toad

5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

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